I've been on this kick lately where a random celebrity will pop in my head and I'll look up their net worth on google. It's actually kind of a fun game to play with yourself and your co-workers throughout the day. Take a guess then look it up to see how close you are. I was WAAAAAY off with this one though. Who would have ever imagined that Carrot Top is worth $75 MILLION??? How in the world is that even possible? Here's a few more celebs that might shock you with their worth.

  • Pop Star Tiffany: $4 million
  • Ralph Macchio: $3 Million
  • Dustin Diamond AKA Skreech: $50 thousand
  • Robert Plant: $800 MILLION!!!
  • Slash: $32 Million
  • Gene Simmons: $300 Million

Robert Plant is nearly a billionaire. Honestly, I was shocked that he came in ahead of Gene Simmons considering all the KISS merchandise. Dustin Diamond gets what he deserves as far as I'm concerned. The guy has been in the studios here before and he's a complete douche canoe.


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