Normally, it's the things that go on INSIDE strip clubs that get people riled up. These guys did it with something outside

A new strip club coming to San Antonio has already upset people and it's not even open yet.  Not because it's a strip club or nearby churches or any of the usual stuff, this time it's the name.

The Emergency Room Gentlemen's Lounge has got folks in a tizzy over concerns people will mistake it for an actual emergency room. According to KHOU, there is nothing in the city codes regulating the content of business signage so, the name can stay.  The owner did, however, get fined $300.00 for not getting the proper permit to hang his sign.

Granted, they may not be able to do much for most medical conditions but, I'm sure they could make the patient feel at least a LITTLE bit better.  A beer and a lap dance can go a long way!

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