The wife decided to watch Teen Witch yesterday...nuff said.

I've always gone back and fourth in my head about what the worst movie I've ever seen is. I now owe a big thank you to Teen Witch, because there is absolutely no question in my mind. Dear sweet 8 pound 10 ounce baby Jesus, that movie was on a different level of bad. That creepy little old lady from Poltergeist combined with quite possibly the worst sound track of all time, made for one hell of a combination. It would be kind of like watching Danny DeVito the Musical. Actually, that's a bad example, because as I was typing that out, I thought about how hilarious Danny DeVito the Musical truly would be. The only thing I imagine could possibly touch the level of annoying that movie was, would be Gilbert Gottfried in a porno with a slide whistle while someone drags their nails down a chalk board...and for some reason, you can't look away.

The movie itself wasn't even the worst part. The aftermath was horrible. If Tawny sings that "Most Popular Girl" song one more time, I think I may actually drive an ice pick into my own ear, but that won't stop it from playing non stop in my head. It has infected my soul. I fear it's some how become a part of my very being and ingrained itself into my DNA. I can't unsee or unhear any of it. It was so awful! How did that happen? It isn't like one person thought that up and made it all by mistake. That happened on purpose! Entire teams of actors, music writers, clothing designers, and stage crew worked together tirelessly for months to make THAT happen! WHY?!? It's actually gonna drive me nuts in real life trying to figure the answer to that question out. Some asshole director yelled, "That's a wrap" and they all celebrated, proud of what they had done. HOW?!? HOW I ASK YOU!

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