I've seen multiple reports that the new Looney Tunes will be gun free. This means Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam will be gun free. Just let that set in for a second...take all the time you need...a cowboy...and a HUNTER...won't be allowed to have guns...in a CARTOON! Are you kidding me right now?

I'm still pissed from when they took Speedy Gonzales out of Looney Tunes, and now this? Speedy was one of the best characters, but he was too offensive...for some reason. Now Elmer Fudd can use explosives, pick axes, and various other torture devices to try to kill Bugs Bunny, but no, not a gun, because that would be too violent. Yosemite Sam may actually be my favorite Looney Tunes character. If you've heard me on the air, you've most likely heard me do a ton of Looney Tunes impressions at random. I LOVE Looney Tunes, and they're destroying them little by little. Now you have an unhinged old western style cowboy with severe anger issues who won't tell Bugs to "reach for the sky varmint", or yell "dance" right before shooting at his feet, or scream "Come outta there rabbit, or I'll fill ya full of lead!"

Next, let's tell Bob Ross he can't paint happy little tree's anymore because that might hurt a sad kid's feelings because depressed trees aren't worth painting. G.I. Joe and Cobra Commander now settle their differences with a thumb war instead of a war war. He-Man and Skeletor no longer swing swords at each other. Now He-Man yells, "BY THE POWER OF PUPPY DOG BREATH AND UNICORN FARTS...I HAVE THE POWER, but not more power than She-Ra because that would be sexist", then they have a pillow fight in a bouncy castle because Grey Skull is too scary for kids. Scooby Doo is no longer allowed to unmask villains, because he villain chose that identity. Instead, Scoob and the gang respect the life choice of the old creepy man who now identifies as a dead floating pirate from the late 1500's. He'd have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those culturally tolerant and accepting kids!

My point is, when are we going to stop being so sensitive and realize we are ruining everything we used to love? Should we not shoot each other, respect different lifestyles, and teach our kids that violence is wrong? DUH! Heaven forbid parents actually might have to talk to their children at some point. Heaven forbid there be a difference between the things we joke about and the things we take seriously. Progress is great, but what exactly are we progressing into?


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