Today Doc posted about having the bestest of boys, and he's right, he really does. Snoop is the bestest of boys but Honey Bus was the bestest of girls. She was my lil, tiny, sweet, loyal baby. My mom got her for me when I found out some really bad medical news and it was her attempt at what you might call putting a bandaid on the situation. At first I thought she was a kitty and I was actually a little pissed. She was so tiny and adorable! She was too young to be taken from her mom that was apparent fairly quickly, so I was her mommy. I was her person, she chose me and it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I loved that baby so much and she loved me right back. When she died I was absolutely devastated. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I had just had my son. I went a very long time not wanting to even have a dog around. The thought of getting a dog wasn't something I even considered after Honey. Lately, however, spending so much time with Snoopers, I'm starting to really miss her and being a fur babies person. I don't know if I could ever love a puppers as much as I loved her but the more I realize how much I love Snoop the more I think it might be time to be open to applying to be a doggos person again.

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