Carole Baskin may not be responsible for the Corona virus or murder hornets but it turns out she may be responsible for some real shady sh*t. She won a judgement against Joe Exotic this month for trademark infringement and as a result the courts awarded her his Oklahoma zoo. Apparently she is moving her big cat rescue animals there and the current resident, Jeff Lowe, has 120 days to beat feet.   Lowe has basically said good riddance. Apparently the park has a ton of insurmountable issues and is being overrun by the bamboo trees but that's going to be the least of her worried if what has happened in the last week or so gains some traction.

Florida sheriff Chad Chronister has just in the last week confirmed the rumors that the will of Caroles missing husband, Don Lewis, was forged. Quote, “They had two experts deem it 100 percent a forgery. But, we knew that … we knew that before,” Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister told WTSP.  I think we're going to see some things happen very soon with the case of Carole Baskins missing husband and I'll be front for every second of it.

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