Well, even as old and mature and knowledgeable as I am I've proven I can still be a great big dumbass every now and then. This weekend a friend and I decided to take a short little day trip to a place we've been wanting to visit for a while. There's a really cool historical location about an hour and a half from here I've read about and wanted to check out for a whil. I've just been putting it off and making excuses and finally a friend and I just decided what better time than now. Spoiler alert we didn't and up seeing what we set out to see but we did get a chance to spend a few hours in some water and if you've lived in Midland as long as I have you know how awesome it is too be in an actual body of water.

Unicorn floatie!

However, my friend and I were so damn excited about the water and the badass floaties we had just spent 20 minutes blowing up in the hot parking lot that we forgot the most important thing to have whenever you spend time in the water...sunscreen. I can tell that I've only had a sunburn worse than this one other time, I was 13 and my shoulders and face blistered like a leper. I had an excuse then, I was a kid and kids are dumb. I have no excuse for being dumb now. Either way I forgot just how much a sunburn sucks. If anyone needs me I'll be laying in a tub full of aloe vera for the next few days.