It's funny how something so small can have such a big impact. One of my favorite ways to combat stress is sitting outside. West Texas doesn't always allow for the right conditions for that but that's another blog. Anyway, as I was saying, there's nothing better to counteract the effects of stress and uncertainty than stopping for a moment and taking some deep breaths. Personally I think the best place to do that is outside in the fresh air.  Being still and quite for a little, listening to wind chimes really relaxes me. The house I lived in before was run down and small and needed so many improvements, fixes and remodeling it was nuts. However it did have something that the house I live in now doesn't. The backyard was pretty sweet. Of course I made it that way but I had a head start so it was easy. There was already and big established tree with big stretching branches that provided shade for a very large area. One fence was covered in my favorite flowering vine, Trumpet Vine. The bright orange flowers were so beautiful. I planted a Weeping Willow when we first moved in and it was already so big and beautiful by the time I left. Broke my heart a little when I found out it was allowed to die. This house is beautiful and I love it but it seems to be harder to get the backyard going. There are 3 very small trees altogether in one small corner of the yard but they don't help shade any other area than that small corner. The entire rest of the yard is just barren it seems. The only saving grace has been the patio and my wind chime. I had so many at the other house it was like a wind chime orchestra. If you're looking for counseling to help with the stresses of life I encourage you to do so but maybe add in some outside time and the sweet tinkling of a wind chime or two doesn't help as well.

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