Finally! I can get a few of the boys together, throw back a few brews, and toss some meat on the grill. We refer to this act as "Q-n' with the boys". Basically all we did was shorten the already abbreviated word "BBQ" and chose only to acknowledge the last letter lol. We started being able to get actual name brand toilet paper a couple of weeks ago, I got a haircut earlier this week, and now we get to throw it down on the grill. I already stopped by American Home Improvement for some of their rib rub and a few other dad gifts to myself, and I'm ready to go. We may not ever get back to what we knew as "normal" before the virus, but at least we're starting to really see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Some people may argue that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming to run us over, but after 2 months of quarantine, I'm ready to risk it. I just want to feel like a person again. I'm thinking ribs this weekend. My boy Matt here in the pic is pretty much the Grill Master Flex, so who knows what he has up his sleeve. I'm sure it's gonna knock our socks off either way. I just got word that our new co-worker and pal "Die Hard" shall be joining us as well. In case you were wondering why we call him Die Hard, it's because Bruce Willis' character's name in that movie, is his actual name lol. I know, coolest nick name ever. A little bit of rub + a few beers with the boys+ 6 or more hours of cook time = Q-n' with the Boys. Cheers everyone!

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