A caged gorilla statue was removed from a playground after the statue was deemed to be "racially insensitive." It will be returned now because....it's racist? A city in Texas recently removed a caged gorilla statue from a playground after the statue was deemed to be "racially insensitive." In an odd twist, it was returned  after its removal was also thought to be "racially insensitive. Cue the circus music here.

Corsicana, Texas may just want to go ahead and not allow itself to be in the news for quite sometime. After making headlines last week for a female criminal who had an interesting way of trying to hide drugs and a Valentine's card, the city is now in the news for a caged gorilla statue that used to be on a children's playground. Dobby the gorilla is a statue in the Community Park playground, a fun, circus themed park in Corsicana, Texas. The man-made gorilla statue has been in the park for 19 years and was inside a cage because it wasn't properly reinforced and was a safety hazard for children. If climbed on, the gorilla could topple over on top of a child. The mayor of Corsicana, Don Denbow, said the city had seen an increase in calls, letters and emails about the statue and how it was offensive in the past few weeks. The mayor said that he, the city manager and a city council member had an obligation to listen to the residents of the city and felt that they should take the statue of the primate down. Once the statue was removed, that when things got crazy.

A Facebook page was started in Dobby's memory that has over 1,300 followers who want the statue put back into the park. Fox News even did a story on Dobby the statue and his removal from the park. The city got so much coverage over the gorilla statue that they decided they would put the statue back into the park, with some changes. Dobby the gorilla would now not be surround by the steel cage, and be out in the open, hopefully bolted down so he wouldn't fall on top of the children. Because children's safety should be the biggest issue here people. Check out the story from Fox News below.

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