Did you know there’s a one question test to identify whether or not you’re a narcissist? Ohio State researchers think they have developed and validated a new method to identify people who are narcissistic.  The test, that was developed in a series of 11 experiments involving more than 2,200 people of all ages, is only one question, including a short note.  You can take the test here.

Here is the question:  To what extent do you agree with this statement: “I am a narcissist.” (Note: The word “narcissist” means egotistical, self-focused, and vain.)

Participants are supposed to rate themselves on a scale of one (not very true of me) to seven (very true of me). The results showed that the answer to the question was very similar to other validated measures of narcissism, including the widely used NPI (Narcissistic Personality Inventory).  The NPI has 40 questions in comparison to this newly developed test the Single Item Narcissism Scale (SINS) which has only the one.  If you don’t mind the 39 extra questions you can find the NPI at openpsychometrics.org and a bunch of other interesting psychological tests focused on personality.

NPI results
NPI results

Of course I had to take both the tests and I’m currently taking all the rest of the tests on the openpsychometrics.org website.  Apparently on the SINS I scored below 70% of others who took the test and were found to be narcissistic. There was a note that said I was a kind, generally caring person.  I’m not sure a single test is capable of identifying whether or not I’m kind and caring.  If I’m being super honest I’d say I’m not a monster but I’m also not all that kind and caring.  I could be way kind and way more caring.  I took the NPI as well and the results were comparatively similar, I scored a 7 out of 40. Take the tests and let me know what you scored! You might find something out about yourself you didn’t know.

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