We've all been waiting for the moment when we get to bring home the child. I know I have. Most of us have been scouring the internets trying to find out where we can order the adorable little green frog eater. Well guess what? It's finally time! He's 16.5 inches tall and will ship between August and October this year. It’s being offered by collectible maker Sideshow, which has made two other 1/6-scale figurines from The Mandalorian (the Mandalorian himself, aka Din Djarin, and adversary/sidekick droid IG-11).

He's a plastic and resin figurine dressed in a tan fabric cloak, and in Baby Yoda’s right hand is the silver shift knob from the Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest. He's adorable sure but he's a little more than $20 an inch. That's right this spot on rendering is going to set ya back $350 and you can get it right here. Jesus guys! I mean ok, yeah I want one but dayum! You can get a baby yoda Popsocket on Amazon and some other child merch, shirts, puzzles and tiny figurines there and at Walmart.com but if you want a to-scale baby yoda you're gonna pay a pretty penny. They do have an option to sign up to make payments if you're interested but I think I'll just pass.

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