Here at KBAT we know what it's like to F*ck up. We're no strangers to making mistakes...many, many, many mistakes. Sometimes saying you're sorry just isn't enough. Nothing says I'm sorry like a big beautiful bouquet.

The Blooming Rose
The Blooming Rose (432) 570-5459

If you messed up and you're looking for a big way to say you're sorry all you need is KBAT's Get out of Jail Free Fridays. We partnered up with The Blooming Rose here in Midland at 1705 W. Wall St. to make saying you're sorry way easier...and much more memorable. Just send us a little info about your situation and if you win we'll apologize for you live on the air and have a lil something something sent over to smooth things over from The Blooming Rose. Or maybe you just know someone who deserves flowers and some love thrown out to them, we're all about showing the love!

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