Kristy Lynne Booth has been missing 40 years now as of yesterday. She would be 58 now, married possibly with children and probably even grandchildren.

Kristy went missing from the Dimensions Nightclub, a popular disco club in Midland for young adults to go and let loose at 411 Air Park Road on February 2nd, 1980.  She walked out into the dark in below freezing temperatures, leaving her shoes and coat inside and has never been seen or heard from again.  She was just 18 years old.  When she left her house at 7 p.m. that Saturday night her father thought she was heading to her job at The Great Gatsby, a long since closed restaurant in Midland where she was a cocktail waitress.

Kristy didn’t show up for work that evening however, instead she went out with friends to the disco club.  A friend of hers by the name of Ron Ferrengburd (since deceased) dropped her off with some friends with the understanding that he would return later to pick her up. (The spelling of Ron's last name may be incorrect it was different on several websites)

Ron was in Kristys 75 or 77 AMC Pacer. He had dropped her and a friend off and was supposed to return to pick them up at the same time Kristy went missing, 11 p.m.  He said he returned for the girls at 11 p.m. but couldn't find them. Kristys vehicle was found abandoned about 2 miles South of IH-20 on SH 349, Rankin highway. The Pacer had been in to the shop for some sort of maintenance or repairs that very morning, which is how it is known that between the time that the vehicle was serviced and the time it was found there was 268 miles put on it. The vehicle (which was titled in her parents name) was picked up by her father and her brother. When asked why he left the vehicle on the side of the road, Ron said it wouldn't start....however when Kristys father and brother went to retrieve the vehicle it started right up.

What's important to remember is that Kristy walked out into below freezing temperatures with no shoes and no coat. She was planning on returning, I think it's safe to make that assumption. When she didn't return to the club is wasn't because she was where she wanted to be.

She was a young girl just beginning her life. She had a mother, father, sister and brother and countless other loved ones who loved her and miss her still. The thought of this beautiful young lady being taken away from the people who love her, whose remains could be laying in the cold and the wind, in some lonely dark desolate location, exposed to the animals and the environment is absolutely heartbreaking

 I say remains because no sign of her has ever been found, her social security number and driver's license number haven't been used or shown up as active anywhere since her disappearance. She wouldn't have walked out barefoot into the freezing cold with no jacket with no intentions of returning. Someone can help bring some sort of resolution to this family and it's's been time.

If you have any information at all regarding the disappearance of Kristy Lynne Booth contact the Midland County Crime Stoppers.

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