Nico is looking for a Valentine's Day date but had trouble matching with new women on his dating apps. We showed him what was wrong and even held a mock date. We've now had two videos in our series helping Nico try and up his dating app swagger to get more ladies to woo over with his....."special" type of charm. We started with an intervention, showing him what he was doing wrong with his dating app and gave him a little makeover to show him what a couple new clothing items could do for his overall look. Then it was time to see if there was any behaviors that might be keeping him from getting a date, or worse, getting a second date. To figure this out, we set him up on a mock date with our intern Leah. Leah is a regular figure around d the studio, and the first time Nico saw her he asked who the attractive girl was in Emily's office was. Unfortunately for Nico, her first question about him wasn't as nice. But she gave him a chance and gave him some constructive criticism to try and see what he can do to make sure he gets a second date with the lucky lady he goes on a date with. Check out the video above to see how Nico does in his mock date.

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