Nico is looking for a Valentine's Day date but is having trouble matching with new women on his dating app. We looked at his profile and immediately knew why.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and many people are out there looking for a date on that special day. Some go out into the real world to find someone the old fashioned way, while others take to social media apps to expedite that process and make sure they're talking to someone who is interested in them. Dating apps like Bumble and Tinder have made it easier for singles to meet potential dates that may not be in their social circles. The problem with this newfound freedom is the informal, rudimentary process of selecting a mate by only observing a few photos and a small paragraph the person writes about themselves. Because of this, those two parts of the profile must be impressive to the other sex.

Unfortunately for Nico, he doesn't seem to have mastered creating a dating profile that is appealing to the opposite sex. After perusing the profiles of available men on a couple dating apps, I came across Nico's profile. Twice. And both times the profiles weren't the best. Actually, it was one of the worst. I'll give him points for at least having five photos on his profile instead of just a couple and perhaps an unnecessary d*ck pic (because you would be appalled at how often that happens). I spoke with Intern Emily and Joanna and we came to the consensus that Nico needed help. BAD.

Our first step to helping Nico? An intervention.

We sat down with Nico to go through his profile and show him why his photos aren't the best choice, and why he may be having so much trouble getting women to swipe right on him. But this isn't just to make fun of him! This is a makeover people. We want to help get Nico looking hot, and get him a date for Valentine's Day. So check out the first video in what we are calling "Nico's Needs A Date."

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