NMSU in Las Cruces has unveiled their officially licensed beer brand. The new, official beer of NMSU is called Pistol Pete's 1888 Ale.

1888 is the year NMSU was founded. It also almost the last year the Aggie football team appeared in a bowl game. (Trivia Time! The actual last year the Ags made a bowl appearance was 1960, the longest dry spell of any team in the FBS.)

So...yeah, there are a lot of reasons to drink up in Las Cruces. Maybe they need to start their own brand of whiskey or black tar heroin.

The NMSU football team went 3-9 last season. 3-9 the season before that. And, they went 2-10 the two seasons before that.

Also, they've lost to UTEP the last seven match-ups in a row. You know it's time to start drinking when you're UTEP's whipping boy.

So here's the plan, Aggies fans: when you go to a game at Aggie Memorial Stadium, start drinking NMSU beer early. It's the only kind of "cheers" you're going to hear. Then, once the game is out of reach...say, with 10 minutes left in the first quarter...bail. Continue drinking, take an Uber to get some Dion's pizza, drink more, go up in the Organ Mountains to look for UFO's, drink some more and then go get a tattoo of ... I don't know, a kokopelli or whatever the hell that thing is you all have on your houses.

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