Recently there has been a story that has been picking up steam, floating around on Facebook and other social media outlets. The same story has been posted at The claim of the story is that in Texas, if you vandalize or deface a Confederate statue, you could be shot by gun owners, because use of deadly force in such a case is legal.

This claim IS NOT TRUE. If you head over to Snopes, you can get the full breakdown.

But this comes from the end of the Snopes article:

Bottom line: It is not legal to use deadly force in Texas to prevent a person from vandalizing a statue.

Does this mean you should go vandalize and tear down a Confederate statue? No, you dipsh#t.

On the flip side, I believe in every American's right to keep and bear arms. But I also think that if you believed an article that said you could shoot someone for vandalizing a Confederate statue, you are the kind of person who should not own a gun. Seriously, turn in your guns, you jackass. YOU are the kind of person that makes gun owners look bad.

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