Georgia rockers Bridge to Grace announced on Facebook this morning that they are calling it quits.

Bridge to Grace hail from Atlanta, Georgia and the band has been around since 2012. They released an EP, Staring Into The Dark, in 2013 and Origins in 2015. The band has been in El Paso a few times and come by the KLAQ studios to perform and meet with fans. They've been able to tour with bands like Full Devil Jacket, Pop Evil, The Veer Union, Bobaflex and more.

Sadly for fans, the band made an announcement saying that they are unfortunately calling it quits. Their Facebook, in part, read:

We have some news that we’d like to share today.... we have decided to retire Bridge To Grace. We were hoping by this point that we would have reached a level of success that would allow us to have income to support ourselves outside of tour life. Unfortunately, we cant stay afloat at the level that we are at now. The good news is that we are all still involved in music and no one is giving up on having a career! We are just choosing to move in a new direction. We promise, you haven’t seen the last of us. This is not a goodbye but rather a see you again in the near future.

The did say that they plan to release some new music on iTunes and other digital media outlets. The band tells fans to continue following their Facebook page to see when they will be releasing the new songs.

Read more at their Facebook page.

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