The biggest fight of the year is happening this weekend and while some people are excited for the fight, some just enjoy the eye candy known as the ring girls!

The Mayweather vs. McGregor fight is happening this Saturday and this is one of the biggest and most hyped of fights of the year. Whether you love or hate the smack talk, the publicity and even the fighters it is almost over. For me, THANKFULLY it is almost over.

If I'm forced to watch this, there is only going to be two things I'm checking out- what tiny shorts McGregor is wearing and the Ring Girls. Corona was the lucky beer company to named the official beer sponsor and they have announced what four girls will be wearing the Corona uniform and holding up the big numbers. At least I think that's what they do.

Check out the major hotties below.

Jessica is a 26 year old model from San Diego, California.

This brunette bombshell lives in New York, New York.

Born in Illinois but now living in Sin City, Tawny is a Filipino-Swedish mix that is insanely sexy.

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