You guys might remember last Friday when Keith from Jack Jordan's was kind enough to grace the air waves and grace us with some bad ass BBQ as well. If there's on thing we want to make a habit here at KBAT, it's making sure that our advertisers and their employees know that we appreciate them. Keith was kind enough to take time out of his very busy day and come out here and make sure we all got fed, so we made sure and put him on the air and let him live out a few of his Rock n Roll fantasies. THAT is how a business partnership should be in our opinion. The BBQ was amazing BTW. They were doing crawfish boils on Fridays but alas, it's out of season now. Luckily they found a better alternative. Now it's crab legs on Fridays and its AWESOME! I guess I'm just trying to say, thank you Jack Jordan's for your business and thank you Keith for coming out and hanging out with us.

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