I've made no secret of my love of actress/model/comedienne Sofia Vergara. I know she's happily married to Joe Manganiello now. But, damn it, if she doesn't want me to be in love with her she should just stop being so sexy and adorable all the time!

In this video, Sofia does the whole sexy/adorkable thing as she tries to climb on a flotation toy that's made to look like one of those mechanical bulls like in the movie Urban Cowboy. Speaking of "flotation toys" that's two more big reasons I love her.

I know some of you are going to watch this video and then you're going to want one for your own pool (the pool toy, not the Sofia Vergara). Well, I'm here to tell you you can actually find them at Wal-Mart for under fifty dollars. It's called the Inflatabull.

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