One thing that absolutely makes me nuts is when people are late. I have people that I've known for years that still don't know how to be on time. Well, here are a couple reasons why those people are always late.

  1. They're multitasking too much - This one makes complete sense. I know more than a few people that for some reason feel the need to cram their schedule with so much crap, there's no possible way to fit everything in. They'll have a gap for a half hour in the middle of the day and they'll scheduling something for that half hour, not realizing that just getting to and from the location of what they're doing will take up that 30 minutes.
  2. They're internal clock is probably off - Depending on if you're a Type A or Type B, that might have something to do with your internal clock. People were asked to guess when a minute was up. Type A personalities were closer, averaging 58 seconds, while Type B personalities were way off, averaging 77 seconds.

If you are always running late and want to improve on this flaw, it's okay. There's an easy trick that can help. Throughout the day, take a few seconds to try to guess what time it is. Keep doing this and your internal clock should improve.

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