You remember the Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner a few weeks ago that was roundly criticized by people on both sides of the political spectrum for it's tone-deafness and high degree of mockability? Of course you do.

There were actual riots last week in Berkeley. You may have seen something about it in the news. Pro-Trumpers, members of the alt-right and straight-up white power people (I feel like I'm repeating myself) showed up. So did Antifa people, anarchists and members of the radical left. Let's just say these people were a little more volatile than the attractive models in the Pepsi ad "protest."

In the ad, Kendall Jenner was able to unite all these disparate groups with naught but a cold Pepsi. How would that strategy work at a real riot where people were screaming, punching, and throwing M-80s ... as opposed to pop-and-lock-dancing, playing the cello and, in general, just being attractive and diverse?

Surprisingly, it didn't go over the same.

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