This is a world record, by the way.

When an amateur bowls a 300, it's the kind of story that gets a write up in the local newspaper or maybe even a feature on the local TV news (depending on the size of the city and the slowness of the news day). When Homer Simpson bowled a 300 he became a local celebrity, even appearing on The Springfield Squares.

So, bowling a 300 (also known as a perfect game) is kind of a big deal. Some amateurs who've accomplished the feat have even had it included in their obituaries.

Ben Ketola is an amateur bowler and he recently achieved perfection. BUT...he did it in record time.

Check it out.

As if that weren't impressive enough, Ketola was bowling on a ten-lane alley. After bowling the first ten strikes, Ben had to run back to the first lane and bowl two more strikes. If he'd been at a bigger bowling alley, I'm guessing he could have shaved an extra second or two off his time. Either way, congratulations Ben Katola of Syracuse New York for mastering this relatively minor skill!

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