This is the video that we played on the air earlier this week. This is the guy who said, "AAAYYYIIII ... HE MISSED THE WOOD!"

So there's this "wildlife expert" named Coyote Peterson who has a web series called Brave Wilderness.

I put "wildlife expert" in quotation marks because his videos seem less like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and more like a animal-oriented episode of Jackass. For starters, I searched all over the internet for info about Peterson and I can't find anything that would indicate that he has any formal education in zoology or animal behavior. Secondly, his main goal seems to be getting the animals he encounters to bite or sting him.

In this video that we played this morning, Coyote goads a snapping turtle into...well, snapping at him. From years of fishing, I know snapping turtles as hideous menaces that will bite your hook while you're trying to catch a five pound bass. Once they're on your hook and you remove them from the water they are vicious, hissing, prehistoric monsters that would love to take off a finger or two. Which is why we never tried to get out hook out of their mouths. We would just pull the line taut and decapitate them with a filet knife.

I'm not proud of this.

So, check out this video of professional animal-botherer Coyote Peterson as he willingly gets bitten by a huge honkin' snapping turtle.

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