I like to think my vocabulary consists of a healthy mix of the slang from my youth and today. However, I'd be lying if I said I knew what all of it meant. I don't think I could carry on a conversation with some of the "youngns" around here. I think my favorite time for slang was the 90's,  my vocab game was all that and a bag of chips guys! Here's some of the lingo from back in the day and then some from today do you're language skills can be on fleek! (Pretty sure that means good)  Are you guilty of using any of these?

Back In The Day Slang


Boo Ya!

As if!


Eat my shorts!


Heady Nuggets

Home skillet/Home slice

Ok, those I figured you'd know but what about the slang the kids are using today? I included definitions so we could all be in the know.

Brain- apparently this means head

Wavy- well dressed

Curve- to reject someone romantically

Lit- awesome

Kek-to laugh out loud

Salty- bitter

Savage- badass

Sus- suspect, acting shady

That's all I can come up with feel free to school me on the rest!


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