Joanna better watch Junior, or I may rent him out for a couple days to this woman in Oklahoma. We've all seen crazy ads up on Craigslist that makes us scratch our heads and leave us with more questions than answers. One ad on Craigslist even made it to Twitter, when one young woman saw the advertisement even up in her dad's office. A mother in Oklahoma was desperate to find a dinner guest for her children to enjoy, but not an easy one to find for rent- a fat, orange cat. Her husband told news anchor Wendy Suarez from KOKH on Twitter than she initially tried Craigslist to no avail,

After not getting good responses on there, her husband then printed out the ad and displayed them around his office where Twitter user @lauren_jade44 saw it and posted it to her Twitter account,

The post obviously went viral, because who doesn't want to try and help this lady out and see some adorable orange cats at the same time? The post now has over 21,000 likes and 8,000 retweets. Clara's husband did give an update for people, letting them know that they've found a woman who was willing to bring her cat over for dinner this Saturday. Sounds like the purr-fect evening to us.

Also, if you just want to check out some adorable orange kitties check out the original Twitter post. It's filled with adorable kitties from all over the world. Joanna better get Junior up there so the world can appreciate his adorable face on National Cat Day. He deserves it since he's perfect.

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