Granny Jean showed one man she wasn't someone to mess with when he showed up at her door naked.  Granny Jean isn’t your typical sweet, older lady. Sure, she looks the part but she showed one man why you shouldn’t trespass on her property. On Tuesday, a man riding a bike showed up at her house and shocked the woman when he pulled off his pants and started playing with his member. He tried to run up to her home when she told him to get away from her door or she’d shoot him. She locked her door and got her gun but the man continued to try and get in her door. Here’s what Mrs. Jean had to say about the encounter,

"Some guy pulled off his pants and pulled his pants open, playing with his thing, and he ran up and I told him to get away from my door, or I will shoot him. And he kept coming and reached for my door after it was locked, so I shot through the door. I don't bother nobody, I don't get in nobody's business. It's just me and him, and like I keep saying, I warned him."

Mrs. Jean only had to shoot at the man once, because her aim was that good. She hit the man in the chest with her bullet. Police arrived on the scene and were able to get the suspect to the hospital, where he had surgery. Police told News channel KTRK that they were familiar with the suspect and he had been arrested in the past. Last week he was arrested for running around naked on the streets. So, this must be a thing he does for fun.

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