We're now in week three of Hurricane Harvey (Weinstein) coverage and everyday more and more actresses are coming forward with their own stories of Harvey creepiness. Also, female celebs are speaking out every day about their own NON-Harvey-related horrific tales. I'm all for women shining the light on the shameful Hollywood practice of coercing young women into sex. I'm also 100% behind the MeToo hashtag. The only thing I'm going to suggest is that if a starlet is going to come forward with their own stories of rich, old lechers they should call them out by name.

It's now "safe" to share your own Harvey Weinstein horror story. And everyone who has one is fine with calling him by name. But not so much when it's, literally, ANYONE other than Harvey Weinstein.

Reese Witherspoon talked about how she was abused by a director when she was 16. It wasn't Harvey Weinstein so we're left to guess who her abuser was (which really brings up another concern: what about the poor directors who didn't abuse Reese Witherspoon? By not calling him by name that puts suspicion on everyone who directed her during that time period. You can narrow it down to a handful with a simple IMDB search).

Angie Everhart had a creepy run in with Harvey and she says exactly who it was (along with all the grimy, pathetic details).

Jennifer Lawrence was made uncomfortable by someone who wasn't Harvey Weinstein so, of course, no name is given.

Lena Headey has a Harvey story and since it's Harvey.

You can see the pattern here. And I'm not saying this to defend Harvey Weinstein or to in any way blame his victims. But there are an awful lot of those victims who say they regret not having the courage to come forward with their stories years or decades ago. Yet, every actress who has a story about a disgusting director or producer who ISN'T Harvey Weinstein is making the exact same mistake by not calling them out by name. Using the MeToo hashtag is a courageous act. Even more courageous...being the first one to do it.

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