Halloween is just around the corner which means we get to relive the stupidity of social media and people sharing the same stories over and over again about a guy dying in a haunted house and going unnoticed for 2 weeks. Yeah, no. Not a real story. A new one also popped up this year about a man dressed as a clown killing 18 people. Yeah, no. Not a real story.

Creepy Clown Arrested After Haunted House Massacre, 18 People Dead? - FAKE

Man Murders Seven People with Chainsaw at Haunted House. - FAKE

Man Dies in Haunted House, Mistaken for Prop for Almost 2 Weeks. - FAKE

It used to be easy to say if something sounded too crazy to be true, it probably wasn't true. But there have been some crazy news stories out there.

But, this is really easy to put an end to. Double check to see if a story is true before you share it on social media. You're not some goddamn news source by sharing a story online. I know it's easy to click that "share" button. But please, take a second, look at the website you're sharing from, and double check the story.


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