The After Buzz is back after a couple weeks off. And we are back on YouTube!

On this week's After Buzz, I talk about my vacation in Houston. I honestly didn't as little as possible while I was gone, and it was glorious. One thing I did do in Houston was play Monkey Drag Queen Bingo, it was just as awesome and simple as it sounds. There are monkeys. There are drag queens. And there is bingo.

Another thing I "did" while I was on vacation was watch a bunch of really bad TV. There's this show on TLC called 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. I still don't have a damn clue what the show is about, but one scene blew me away. You can find a full written synopsis and the videos HERE. It's well worth watching the videos. Trust me.

And it seemed rather fitting that we got a random question in the YouTube chat from someone about a relationship issue.

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