I never thought I would say this but I got my Unicorn Dream Box in the mail yesterday and it blow! Maybe I just had unrealistic expectations.  In my mind brain I had pictured pink glittery goodies, neon tasseled items of various origin, costume jewelry perhaps, stationary….all of the Unicorn variety of course.  Pretty much if what I had in my head was what I got in the mail, I’d be a lifelong subscriber.  Alas, it was not.  Not even close! The tin of unicorn Band-Aids I can get from Amazon Prime for $6.99 with free shipping, the hair tie (at least I think that’s what that thing is) I could have made thirty of for about ten bucks, it’s just a length of elastic ribbon tied at the end, then there’s the two statues? Figurines? Paper weights? I really have no idea what those things are for but I could find something way cooler than them at the Dollar store.  And that’s it guys, that was the entirety of the contents of this highly anticipated Unicorn themed box, oh yeah by the way, it doesn’t actually come in a box, just a cheap ass paper bag.

You live and you learn right?  So, instead of being all patty poopy pants about it I figured why not try again?  All these subscription “boxes” can be cancelled at any time so why not try a different one every month.  That’s just what I plan on doing.  However, this month I’m going to suggest one and try a different one.

Make sure you go through https://www.cratejoy.com/ The only reason I say that is because they have a ton of options and they’re all conveniently categorized for browsing.

I suggest the MoshBoxx Heavy Rock Music Box.  It’s a mouth full I know.  I think there are three different options as far as the subscription goes.  From what I read they send stuff like limited prints, T-shirts, posters, limited edition merchandise, retail items, DVDs, Vinyl records, CDs ect…  Looked like it was worth a try.

I cancelled my Unicorn Dream Box subscription and signed up for Quirky-Crate, let’s see how this turns out.


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