We've heard it many times, "Vote for Beto!" but people keep messing up how to say his name. In this comedic video, voters can't agree on the pronunciation. The Facebook support group for Beto O'Rouke, Texans For Beto, posted a video to try and help people understand how to pronounce the popular Senate candidate's nickname. There seems to be three ways that most people are attempting to pronounce O'Rouke's name:

  1. bAY-dough
  2. bAY-toe
  3. BEE-toe

In reality, the way to pronounce his name is similar to the full pronunciation of "Roberto." Take the beginning "Ro" and "r" out and you get "Beto." Another way to remember is the beginning is a hard "B", followed by a "meh sound, making "Beh." Then follow up with a hard "T" where you flatten your tongue on the roof of your mouth. The last letter is pronounced as an "Oh" like the letter "O."

If you still need help, check out the video below from the Houston Chronicle. No matter how you say it, remember there's an important race coming up in three weeks for the Senate seat. Whether you're Team Cruz or Team Beto, just make sure you have your voice count by voting in the November 6th election.

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