The winds have been no joke lately and transportation has been affected in both states. Check out this video of a semi in Amarillo getting knocked down. High winds have been a serious problem all over the Southwest since the beginning of the week. The severe weather even caused a tornado in southeastern New Mexico that destroyed ten homes and injured 5 people, according to KVIA. The winds in the San Augustin Pass reached an incredible 104 mph and even toppled a train near I-40.

A woman near the Organ mountains even had the roof ripped off of her mobile home, one of a few people who said the high winds ripped off part of their roofs:

There were also reports in the two states of semi trucks toppling over while driving due to the severe winds. While we did see some pictures after trucks were knocked down, one video out of Amarillo actually showed the moment two semis toppled over while driving. The lucky even got video of a second truck being knocked down from the gusts. Check out the crazy video above and be thankful you weren't on the road when that happened! Winds in Amarillo were recorded at a whopping 79 mph. We're looking at another windy day today so be safe out there on the roads!


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