As a parent of a 15 year old who just got his drivers permit less than a month ago, this article by News West 9 really caught my attention. It never even occurred to me that this was even a thing. As parents, it seems that the older our kids get, the less we can do to protect them, but there is one HUGE thing we can do to help keep all of our kids safe.


We can't keep other drivers from doing so, but if all of us who read this agree to stay off our phones and not text while driving, we really can make a big difference in the safety of our kids who are also going out there and driving. The more aware and alert drivers on the road the better. You rarely realize when you've avoided an accident but you definitely know after you're in one. Lets try to make the road a safer place for our kids. I've posted a link for News West 9's original article on the "100 Deadliest Days for Teen Driving" below.

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