We have been waiting for this moment and he is finally here! Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie is here on the morning show!!!! The morning show love having celebrity guests on the show, especially when they can be here in the studio with us! We found out about an instagram celebrity that had recently moved back to the Sun City an knew we had to have him on the show so he could tell us all about the high-profile Instagram life. Luckily for us, his manager in life Amber was amicable and allowed us an interview with the gorgeous and energetic star.

Everyone, meet the legend himself- Walter Geoffrey. Walker's Instagram has over 500,000 follows and have even been on the Ellen Degeneres show and others. He has been gaining fans across the world and in A-List Hollywood, Naturally, if he had made his way back to the 915 we had to get an interview to see who how he made such a humongous name for himself and how he had skyrocketed to this insane stardom. Next thing yo know- we had him in the studio.

Check out this video of Walter and Amber coming into the studio and how they came to be internet superstars. You can follow Walter now on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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