Dating has changed in the past few years which has led to new dating terms and new dating norms. Have you ever been "Fyre'd?"  As times continue changing and the way people meet and court each other continue to change as well, With the influx of social media dating apps, and online dating options, people have been bombarded with not only new ways to date but also new dating terms to go along with it. One of my favorites is "Grande-ing," when a person is thankful for their ex-lover, but there's also "orbiting," "kitting fishing," "slow fade," "cushioning," and "big dick energy" plus many more. One of the newest terms to come about recently has to do with the ill-fated music festival from the bahamas that so many have talked about.

To be Fyre'd is a term that is relatively new in the dating scene, and predominately has to do with a person who deliberately misleads and lies to you in the process of courtship. In the past few years, people have been ditching dating apps after feeling cheated or mislead by the people they have found on these dating apps. Rather than continue looking for love in the wrong places, they have decided to quit and go back to more traditional ways of dating.

While there are some people who are now taking steps back from social media and the online way of dating, people should be wary of those who are taking themselves completely away from the online world and hiding themselves from the internet.

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