Because I can’t stand how men seem to have the amazing ability to make dating and relationships so much harder than they have to be I always make it a point to try and help when I can.

This is a proven, researched, and some scientifically proven, list of things that no matter what a girl’s “type” happens to be, remain across the board attractive to all women.

In no particular order:

  • Being Good with His Mom (and Other Female Members of His Family)

  • Dresses Well

  • Has Hobbies

  • Making Plans

    Meaning the real kind of actual, let’s-do-this-thing-at-this-time-and-place plans. Not, let’s just leave it up to chance, trying to look cool, kinda crap.  Making real plans lets a girl know that you’re serious about wanting to see her again.

  • Has a Sense of Humor, and Not at the Expense of Other People

    A man that not only can laugh at a girls jokes but that can also make her laugh and not by making fun of other people, at least not to their face, ok, that one was just me.

  • Good Hygiene

    This one is all me. I think it’s generally attractive to all women when a man knows how to keep himself clean and smelling good, that’s right children, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your butt, blow your nose (not in front of us) and spray on some man smell…it makes a huge difference I promise.

  • Not Being a "Yes" Man

    Let me explain, not being a “yes man” means the kind of guy that can manage to do something on his own without his posse coming along speaks very highly of him.


    For him to be able to say “Nah man, I’m gonna spend the night with my girl” rather than giving in to FMO to go join the gang at the bar or in the hang out garage are signs of man who knows how and when to put what’s really important first and that is very, very attractive in a man.

  • He’s the Same Way Around His Friends as He Is Around You

    This one  seems like a default but there are some immature men out there and those are the men that should be passed over like a game of duck-duck goose.

  • He Listens

    I can personally attest to this one 100% I know men say that the reason they find just listening so difficult is because they want to do something about it, they want to fix the problem, take action, but dude, chill.


    That’s not what a woman wants when she’s venting about something, she wants to be able to vent and have someone occasionally say things like “That’s f*cking ridiculous”, “I can’t believe that sh*t”, “Baby I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that”…seems simple enough right?  Well most men can’t do it and that’s where so many problems start, some of which can ultimately end a relationship.


  • He Expresses Himself in Little Ways

    Sending those random texts throughout the day or a YouTube video he thinks you might like, picks up a bottle of wine for dinner just because, or even if you wake up in the middle of the night to find that he’s draped his arm around your waist or holding your hand in his sleep.

    Little things like that go a long way to show a woman you care and it’s pretty damn hot too.

  • Slower Movements

    This one happens to be one of the traits that has been scientifically proven as being attractive and something women actually look for in a man (along with having a sense of humor, dressing well, and being well groomed).

    Haven’t you noticed how Clint Eastwood only had to slowly say a few well-placed words to look like a total bad-ass, or how any archetypal alpha male character from a movie does everything extra slow.

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