So over the years I’ve developed a very specific, very particular set of likes when it comes to male and female interaction.  The tiny window of time you have when you first meet a girl to make a kick ass impression gets exponentially smaller when you meet me.

If men could just figure out how say the right things to a woman on a regular basis they wouldn’t have to worry so much about putting the toilet seat down or remembering anniversaries…sorta

In the spirit of the season, which is giving, I’m going to give the fellas a few gems….

Cheesy pick-up lines, when in jest, are always endearing and funny, and funny is hot even when you’re not.

“Say girl…” is the hottest way you can address a girl when attempting a cheesy pick up line, it sounds so corny it’s like a sign that says “this is just to make you laugh not to make your panties drop, that comes later”

Never ask a girl if you can buy her a drink, ask her “Come take a shot with us”….girls feel flattered that  not one but a whole group of people want to include her in fun and drunken merriment, after that its open to ask her to come take a shot with just you…

Believe it or not I personally think and believe that most women would agree that you can never go wrong by being honest, telling a women she looks beautiful is always a good move.

However, be original, don’t just go for the straight forward “You’re so hot” kinda line, come up with something ….for example (and feel free to use this one)

Excuse me ma’am (yes say ma’am, any woman who doesn’t accept that addressing her with the word ma’am is a show of respect and manners and good ole chivalry isn’t worth addressing at all)

I just wanted you to know that your smile really lights this place up….sure maybe a little cheesy but genuine just the same.

That is all for now, random thoughts from a rock chick….


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