Have you done it? You probably have. But you may not even know it had a name until now. Learn what the heck kittenfishing is.

Every year new words keep getting added to the dictionary, and every year it seems like there are new buzzwords that are associated with dating. Dating during the age of social media is also difficult, with people able to present themselves in almost any way they want. That's why it's not surprising that we've seen a rise in cat fishing among people, so much so that MTV created a crazy successful tv show from it. Cat fishing is where someone pretends to be a fake person on social media to get into romantic relationships with people. When you cat fish, you entirely change the person you are. From the place you live, your job, name, looks and everything about your identity is changed. You become an entirely different person to find love, or at least trick someone into thinking you're looking for love.

Kittenfishing is similar to catfishing, but less drastic. Instead of changing the entire person you are, you modify aspects of yourself or your life. This is where you show more of a unrealistic, improved version of yourself to potential romantic partners online. Kittenfishers, or k-fishers, is where you take a few years off your age, your filters or alter photos to look more appealing, fake interests or accomplishments. Where people who catfish are doing it to be intentionally be deceptive, k-fishers are trying to give themselves the best odds in the modern dating world.

Think of kitten fishing as making yourself out to be the best version of yourself, which everyone does in other aspects of their life too. Think of your resume. Are you going to tell your potential future boss how you procrastinate? Or have trouble getting to work on time? No. You're going to tell them how you work well under pressure and are able to work quickly. So this isn't a new trend, only finally having a new name for it is.

So I guess continue to kittenfish your dating life away. Still way better than catfishing.


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