A soldier stationed at Fort Bliss was at the airport after his flight was delayed and watched his daughter's birth through his phone. The photo has now gone viral. Brooks Lindsey is a member of the 2nd Battalion 114th Field Artillery Regimen here in El Paso, Texas and was rushing home to Brandon, Mississippi for the birth of his daughter. Little Millie wasn't supposed to arrive yet but the baby girl had other plans and the soldier wanted to be with his wife Hayley for the birth of his daughter. Unfortunately for the Army specialist, he had trouble getting to his home state in time after his flight was delayed twice for maintenance problems. His mother was in the hospital room with his wife and was able to Facetime with Lindsey so he would be able to see the birth of his daughter.

A woman who was on the same delayed flight, Tracey Dover, saw the soldier coaching his wife through the labor and quietly snapped a photo of the father watching his baby take her first breath. Tracy described watching the emotional moment in the airport with the rest of the delayed flight,

"I'm thinking, Oh my gosh. He's watching his baby be born on the phone and it was the most gut-wrenching, heartbreaking thing I'd ever seen. When we heard the baby cry, then just that whole section that was heading to Mississippi just started cheering."

Brooks Lindsey was finally able to get on the plane and make it to the hospital to see his daughter. Even Starlord himself, actor Chris Pratt saw the video and congratulated the family on their big moment:

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