An El Paso woman took to Twitter after she allegedly found evidence of her boyfriend lying to her. Twitter can be a terrible or magical place, where heartwarming moments can happen but also you can roast anything and anyone. One El Paso woman took to Twitter after she found evidence in her boyfriend's car that he may have been unfaithful to her. Twitter user @Sheydaagah posted on December 31st that she found a makeup brush under her seat in her boyfriend's car and was trying to see who it belonged to.

Twitter users were immediately invested in her plight and wanted an explanation of how she came to find the eyebrow brush in his car. The woman, Sheyda, explained that she was heading to a movie with her boyfriend when she found the evidence,

"Soo we went to the movies, I dropped the tickets in the cracks of the seat and for me to get them I had to open the door. While I was looking under my seat, I discovered this eyebrow brush. I took it from the bottoms of the seat all slowly and sh*t, all dramatic. And before I could say anything he was like “they gave me this car dirty when I got it” and sooooo my blood started boiling. Sooooo you’re meaning to tell me that someone who’s completely obsessed with their car, someone who vacuums the car on a daily is telling me that while he was on his knees cleaning that car he didn’t notice that makeup brush??? I called bullsh*t. And he got this car months ago so I mean come on you’d think I’m dumb af if you haven’t laid a hand on a vacuum to clean. Anywaysssss then he GOT MAD AT MEEEEEE for being nosy.....  like???? B*tch, I was just looking for the tickets, your a** is just mad (you) got caught."

The woman's story has quickly gone viral, with over 5,000 likes and 1,500 retweets. After the initial tweet, she gave users an update about something else she found in his home.

Twitter users started asking Sheyda questions about what she did, as well as offering answers as to who the makeup wipe could belong to.

Another commenter was quick to notice that the "makeup wipe", wasn't really a makeup wipe,

No update yet on if he's still trying to pretend the makeup brush was already there, or if he has an explanation for the makeup/Huggies wipe. Just by the looks of this gorgeous brunette beauty, she'll have no trouble finding a guy worthy of her time.

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