I don't know why, but I woke up today just tired of all the negativity on social media. The sarcasm, hate, disagreements, political debates, covid, end of the world conspiracies, mean comments, fake news stories, click bait, the whole 9 yards. It got me to thinking how people on Facebook are allowed to talk about their work and pat themselves on the back, but a lot of times if I'm proud of myself, it just comes off as being cocky because of what I do. That got me to thinking how important it is to acknowledge to yourself and to others that you're just proud of you sometimes. So I created a private group for just that.

It's called Bragging Rights. It's a private group so no outside trolls can jump on and ruin the entire point of the group, which is to take a little time daily to build ourselves up. It's not some sissy place for people to complain and not worry about people making fun of them. It's just a page among all the BS social media throws at us, where you can go to take a minute to pat yourself on the back. No matter how small the victory is, it's important to point out the good things in your daily life. If you don't it'll drive you insane. I just thought that if there was a page where you can do that and have a few others also congratulate you, it might just be the one thing that keeps someone from losing their mind. It's sometimes the smallest thing that keeps people hanging on. I know because I've been there many times. I thought maybe this could be that one thing for a few people. You're welcome to join. It's only a private group so I can control the negativity should someone jump on there just to be a d**k.

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