So apparently Burger King came out with a way to try and rival the success of McDonald’s golden child of marketing to moms with they’re answer to Happy Meals…Unhappy Meals? Actually they’re called “Real Meals” and they are to celebrate “Being yourself and feeling however you want to feel.”  They have 5 different “Real Meal” box options that go along with different moods:

“Pissed Meal”, for when you’re mad, “Blue Meal”, for when you’re sad, “Salty Meal”, for when you’re bitter, “YAAAS Meal”, because it’s fun to say…ok and for when you’re excited, and the “DGAF Meal”. For when you don’t give a f***…. Seriously, how did I not hear about this when it happened? I mean I’m reading that they came out with this insanely hilarious stunt on May 2nd ?!? You mean I could’ve been having YAAAS Meals for a month now and no one bothered to tell me? What the Hell?  The “feelyourway boxes come with a full-sized Whopper combo meal that includes fries and a shake but no toy….Ok and that’s where you lost me Burger King….You’re trying to market the adult version of a Happy Meal but you’re not going to include some kind of prize? I’m out. Apparently the roll out has only hit a hand full of major cities so far like Seattle-where they really don’t need a Blue Meal let’s be honest, New York-pretty sure the Salty Meal is very popular there, Los Angeles-where I’m sure when the road rage hits, as it often does in LA, the people are reaching for the shake from their Pissed Meal to throw at you as they pass you by while giving you the international wave, Miami-If I had to guess as which meal is popular there I would pick the DGAF Meal, considering the amount of people I’ve seen doing the kind of things you only see in Miami…cause they just DGAF…and then there’s Austin where everyone’s getting down on that YAAAS Meal because people there always seem to be happy for no reason.

It’s not just a jab at Mickie D’s though guys, it’s in collaborations with the organization Mental Health America to raise awareness for Mental Health Month (which was May, yeah I know I’m a little late but come on man I just found out!).  It’s an effort to elevate the conversation about mental health before it gets to what they call “Stage 4”, they as in Paul Gionfriddo, president and CEO of MHA. Stage 4 being the state with the highest severity of symptoms of mental illness, which the organization (MHA) describes as persistent, severe and life-threatening.  I’m not trying to down play mental health or the need to bring mental health issues into the forefront or the genuineness of this organizations efforts to do so…however, I’m not sure they picked the right partner for it.

The commercials that Burger King released with the “Real Meals” are interesting to say the least and can be found by simply searching “real meals burger king commercial” on YouTube.

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