90’s Toys That Everyone Had


TMNT figures

Gameboy Colour-Sure Gameboy came out in the 80’s but it wasn’t until the 90’s that you could get your hands on a green Gameboy and look like a boss playing it

Nerf Guns

Super Soaker


Beanie Babies

Creepy Crawlers

Polly Pocket



Tamagotchi-Recently my 9 year old son asked me a question, which was basically what the hell does this thing do, as in what was the point of it, how was it fun? I couldn’t think of a way to describe it that would sound fun, and then I realized….


Furby-These were a little creepy but they reminded me of Gizmo from Gremlins so obvi I wanted one

Easy Bake Oven-I think this is a carry-over from the 80’s but it was just as popular in the 90’s

Troll Dolls-BRO! I had so many of these things

Talkboy-I honestly didn’t even know you could get one of these in real life, I thought it was just something that only super rich kids in movies had access to

Koosh Ball-I loved just running my hand over these

Mr. Potato Head- Yeah, it’s been out since 1945 but when Toy Story came out in 1995 all of the sudden everyone remembered how cool they were

Stretch Armstrong-I’ve had a bunch of guys here at my big girl job tell me they all had one but I thought this was more of a 70’s toy?

I wonder how many of these are still somewhere in your house right now? I still have a Gameboy that my son loves and plays with all the time not to mention the collection of highly valuable Beanie Babies I have stashed away…(jk they aren’t all the valuable but I’m not getting rid of them until they are damnit

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