Dear Journal,

On Wednesday night my Gold Ball team scrimmaged. I had to play post. I usually play guard but our two big men were gone. So we only had one real post. I think we won but we weren't keeping track of the score. At Taylor's house, we have a fort. It is two stories, has a cat walk and a deck we just put in. There is a creek that runs under the deck. In the main downstairs room we have a heater. It actually is a water heater, but it keeps it warm. Tomorrow at Lents Boys and Girls Club, we have a basketball game against Fred Meyer Running Rebels. I had a triple double in our last scrimmage. Fifteen points, eleven rebounds, twelve steals, three blocks and five assists.

The fort that I'm talking about in this entry was no joke. Taylor's dad was in construction and would give us supplies that he had laying around on some of his job sites. It was unsafe as all Hell, but it was awesome. There was a legitimate catwalk, and multiple levels. One of the most unsafe parts? Not the catwalk. It would have to be the walls with exposed insulation. Seriously, I need to see if I can track down some photos of that thing.

And look at 12-year-old Brandon rocking the triple double! And an unorthodox one nonetheless with 12 steals.

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