With all the construction and lane delays going on here in Midland I've been seeing motorcylists zooming through traffic in the middle of the lanes and on the sides when traffic is stopped.  As I watched a man on a small cycle of some kind with a girl on the back, both with no helmets, speed past a lane of stopped traffic because of a malfunctioning traffic light on the left hand median, I wondered if I was the only worried for both their safety.  There's no way that's safe and there's for sure no way it's legal.  Turns out, as I often am, I was right.  It is illegal in all 50 states but one, California.  If you need to read up some more on it, or if you just don't believe me you can check out the information from McMinn Law Firm on the subject of "Lane Splitting" and also "Lane Filtering" falls under this category of illegalness. If it feels unsafe while you're doing it or it looks unsafe to those around you, chances are you should at least find out either way.  Also, to you guys and gals who are doing it....STOP IT.  You're freaking me out and I worry about y'all. This area already doesn't do enough to watch out for you guys, don't make the roads more dangerous for yourselves than they have to be.  I'm not saying it's your fault, well the whole "lane splitting" thing, if you're doing than then it is your fault, I'm just saying stay safe.


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