Dear Journal,

Today we had Middle East food. I like it alot! I didn't really like the baklava. I think it tasted too sweet. I really liked the tabouli, baba ghanoug, and stuffed grape leaves. It was good! The pita bread tasted like sour dough but look like a tortilla. When I mixed the tabouli and baba ghanoug I think it tasted better.

Interesting that this was my first real introduction to Middle Eastern food. Considering things like hummus have become a staple of my everyday diet now.

And these were also items that I would end up having more frequently through my high school years as my aunt ended up marrying a man she met in Lebanon. I would always look forward to meals over at my aunt's house, in anticipation of what my uncle Jean (John) would be making.

It even got to the point that any birthday that would come up for me, they would make me a giant tub of hummus with a package of pita bread to go with it.

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