I was able to spend a long weekend back in Portland over Mother's Day. Unfortunately it was to attend a funeral, but it was still nice being able to spend the weekend with my mom.

I did everything from drink way too much beer, to get a pedicure, to watch the Blazer game. It was a busy 4 days.

Also in this episode of The After Buzz I talk about the NBA draft lottery and just how the Knicks got screwed, which is hilarious. And other news that hit just today that isn't in this episode of The After BuzzZion Williamson apparently does not want to play in New Orleans, and he does have the option of returning to school

I also talk about just how awesome Marvel Unlimited is. And as I'm reading the New Guardians of the Galaxy, my theory about Gamora being trapped inside the soul stone in the MCU is only gaining strength.

And things wrap up with a little Game of Thrones talk.

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